The Pro Ski and Ride guarantees the initial fit of most new ski boots sold and fitted in store by The Pro Ski and Ride as part of our "Perfect Fit Guarantee". This covers the initial boot fitting as well as subsequent 30-minute boot fitting appointments, as needed, at no additional charge for one calendar year from the initial purchase date. To take advantage of this service, please make an appointment for a "Ski Boot Adjustment".

Common services provided under the Perfect Fit Guarantee include:
  • Liner Adjustments
  • Shell Punches/Stretches
  • Boot Board Grinds
  • Remolding of Liners/Shells
  • Alignment Adjustments (including on foot beds sold by The Pro)
      Our Perfect Fit Guarantee does have its limitations:
        • Even in the right boot, stock foot beds or liners may not offer the proper fit. Our boot fitters will make recommendations on proper custom foot beds or liners to enhance comfort and control.
        • We cannot guarantee the warmth of a boot but are happy to work with you to recommend products that may increase warmth.
        • We are happy to work with skiers to accommodate medical issues (circulation, soft tissue, edema, hypersensitivity, etc.) but cannot guarantee complete relief from medical symptoms.
        • We cannot gauge an individuals level of sensitivity, nor can we gauge their ability to adapt to a high level of support. 
              Our guarantee is for the initial fit of new ski boots sold and fitted by The Pro Ski and Ride. Below are the examples of situations not covered under the Perfect Fit Guarantee:
              • Adjustments to and due to aftermarket items, including foot beds not purchased and installed by The Pro Ski and Ride.
              • Adjustments due to change in foot size or volume due to weight gain/loss, growth, injury, or surgery,
              • Normal wear and tear.
              • Aggressive use or using equipment in a way it was not intended.
              • Warranty issues. (Although not covered in this guarantee, The Pro will work with you and the manufacturer to resolve warranty issues.)
              • Ski boots sold as demo, used, "as-is", clearance, or as noted by The Pro's staff.
              • Ski boots purchased on our online storefront.
              • Ski boots purchased at race or pro pricing.
              • Ski boots that are purchased against the advice of The Pro's staff.

                    * Please note this is not an all encompassing list.

                    The Pro Ski and Ride can and is happy to work on boots that fall outside of the Perfect Fit Guarantee at an additional charge.

                    The Pro Ski and Ride reserves the right to modify this policy at their sole discretion without notice.

                    - The Pro August 2023


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