The Pro carries a variety of custom foot beds from BootDoc and Masterfit at our store in Hunter, NY to meet our customers' needs. All work is performed on site while you wait and we are able to tailor the custom foot beds to meet your needs.
Custom foot beds can enhance performance and comfort in ski and snowboard boots as well as everyday shoes. Custom foot beds achieve this by adding arch support as well as a heel cup to stabilize and align the foot.

For skiing, they aid alignment centering the knee over the center of the boot assisting all skiers, especially those that may favor one turn over another. By being centered over your ski boots you are centered over your skis making turning more responsive and balanced.

Gio Holmquist, son of The Pro's late co-founder Keith Holmquist, is our head boot fitter with 10+ years of fitting experience with accreditations from Masterfit University and BootDoc. He has had experience working with a variety of skiers and riders . He has had experience working with athletes on a variety of needed accommodations.

Custom foot beds range from $80 to $240. Customers that purchase ski or snowboard boots from The Pro receive 20% off foot beds with their purchase!


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