When it absolutely has to be the perfect fit, visit The Pro in Hunter, NY!

Whether its ski, snowboard, or telemark boots, The Pro fits them all! Gio Holmquist, son of The Pro's late co-founder Keith Holmquist, is our head boot fitter with 10+ years of fitting experience with accreditations from Masterfit University and BootDoc. He has had experience working with athletes on a variety of needed accommodations.

A proper boot fit is essential to comfort and performance on the mountain. At The Pro, we do not believe in "out of the box" solutions. We have the tools and techniques to fine tune almost any boot. Most boots purchased in store at The Pro include our "Perfect Fit Guarantee" which includes initial boot fitting and adjustments at no additional cost. We are also able to work on boots purchased elsewhere, new and used, for an additional charge. Our boot fitting price list can be found here.

A typical new boot fitting lasts between 1 hour to 1.5 hours, while typical adjustments take 30 minutes to an hour. Length of a boot fitting depends on how many boots are tried on and the extent of the work needed to be performed.

A typical new boot fitting includes:

The Pro has invested in the latest in boot fitting analysis technology. The BootDoc Vandra 3D scanner will make a 3D model of your feet measuring, the length, width, instep,  arch type, and other metrics for each foot. This is confirmed and enhanced with a visual assessment.

The Pro Ski and Ride stocks over 100 models of ski boots from 9 manufacturers! Once the proper boot shape is identified, it is helpful to try on 2 -3 similar boots from different brands.

Our boot fitters will perform a shell fit and identify likely accommodations that will need to be made in the customization process, including custom foot beds.

Customers that purchase boots at The Pro receive 20% off their purchase of custom foot beds!

Most ski boots sold at The Pro have a heat moldable liner and/or shell that allow for a relatively easy and quick customization process. We have air blowing stacks to heat the liners and a specifically calibrated boot oven to heat the shells of ski boots.

When heat molding is not enough, we have a variety of boot fitting tools to punch, stretch, pad, and grind the boot to get the perfect fit!

Proper alignment is essential to performance on the mountain. Lateral alignment ensures that the skier's knees are over the center of the feet (therefore center of the skis) allowing proper edging in both directions. Custom foot beds play a large role in proper alignment and can be fine tuned with other alignment aids. Most ski boot cuffs can be adjusted to hone in alignment as well.

The Pro also examines and adjusts fore/aft alignment to allow skiers proper range of motion in the ankles to properly flex the ski boots.

Ski bindings must be adjusted and calibrated to new ski boots. Ski boots purchased in store at The Pro include binding adjustment at no additional charge for up to two pairs of skis.

That is a $35 value per pair of skis!

Not all bindings can be adjusted by The Pro.

Remounted bindings will incur an additional charge.

The Pro Ski and Ride has many aftermarket products to enhance your ski boots and skiing experience.

Hotronic Boot Heaters can be installed on any insole (including custom insoles) in ski boots to provide all day warmth and comfort even during the coldest of days.

Booster Straps are elastic power straps that can be installed on most boots to increase snugness on the cuff increasing performance.

CatTracks or YakTrax can be purchased for the bottom of ski boots to increase grip and decrease boot sole wear.